About us

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Intrend Chic Salon is a hair and nail spa salon in Spring, TX. We want to be your "one-stop-shop" for all beauty needs which is why we offer such a wide array of professional services and treatments. Our stylists and technicians are all highly trained, highly motivated individuals who love what they do and do it well!

Indulge your outer beauty...

While we wholeheartedly believe that true beauty comes from within... we understand that we live in society where great emphasis is put on your outward appearance. At Intrend Chic Salon,we believe that when people look better, they tend to feel better. If we can help people feel better by indulging their outer beauty then we have completed our mission.

The future of Intrend Chic Salon looks bright thanks to our wonderful staffs and clients. Thank you to everyone who has supported us!

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